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A note from the writer: "Recently, Sarah J Maas's work has taken the world by storm. After being pushed and begged by my friends and colleagues to read her series "A Court of Thorns and Roses," I found myself inspired. Thousands have fallen in love with Maas's work because of how she portrays the process of coping with trauma, loss, and friendship. We want to create a short film inspired by the fourth book in this series: "A Court of Silver Flames." I've chosen this book to focus on anger, grief, and forgiving oneself. I have written a script for this project entitled "Silverwork," a metaphor for morphing after trauma and reworking yourself back into society. This story will illuminate that even when life feels helpless, magic can still be found and created because you are never truly alone."

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Allison Dayne, is a visionary director and creative force in the world of theater and film. With a passion for giving voice to marginalized communities, Allison founded the theatrical nonprofit, "Leading Ladies," which became a platform for original plays, many penned by Allison herself, and known scripts that highlighted important social issues. What set Allison apart was their unwavering commitment to donating all ticket sales to causes close to their heart, including the Rape Recovery Center, domestic violence shelters, suicide hotlines, and more. One of Allison's standout achievements was the direction of a groundbreaking LGBTQ modern adaptation of Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull." This film garnered international acclaim and received numerous awards, showcasing Allison's ability to breathe new life into classic works while championing LGBTQ representation. Their talent didn't go unnoticed in the theater world either. Allison's direction of "Agnes of God" earned them the prestigious ARTY Award in Utah for Best Direction. They continued to make waves with an all-female production of "Othello," a production that not only showcased their directorial prowess but also contributed to the Savannah Domestic Violence Shelter. In the world of filmmaking, Allison's short film "Power Forward," presented in both Chinese and English, captured hearts and took home the Best Child Short award at the Shanghai Film Festival, transcending language barriers with a powerful message. Allison's dedication to their craft led them to be accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design's Writing Residency Atelier Alumni Program, where they continued to hone their storytelling skills. Their original work, "Unrequited," made an impact at the Georgia Fringe Festival, earning the coveted Critics Choice Award. In their most recent endeavor, Allison took on the roles of lead actor and writer for the short film "A King's Curtain," which boasts an impressive ensemble cast featuring Stephen McKinley Henderson, Veanne Cox, Austin Pendleton, and Charles E. Gerber. The film is currently in post-production and is eagerly anticipated for release next year. Allison's journey has been marked by a commitment to justice and inclusivity, as evidenced by their upcoming directorial project, "Silverwork." With this film, they aim to convey the message that love can be found even in the aftermath of trauma, resonating deeply with fans and anyone who believes in the power of resilience and love. Allison Dayne's work continues to inspire and uplift, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of theater and film.



Katie Nixon as Nesta

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Cody Rhodes as Tamlin


Allison Dayne as Mor


Waseem Rahim as Cassian


Maria Wirries as Gwyn


Laura Mehl as Elain

You're in luck! There are three ways to support.

We are partnering with Nixon Creative Development from now until October! Redirect some of your groceries to NCD and all proceeds go to make Silverwork possible! 

We've got merch available below! 

Would you like to give directly to Silverwork? We appreciate you! To give, use the Givebutter link below. 

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